About General Bullet
General Bullet was founded for gun enthusiasts, sportsmen, hunters, law enforcement & military personnel by gun enthusiasts, sportsmen, hunters and law enforcement personnel. Our mission is to create high-performing, solid copper hollow point bullets as well as quality parts and accessories for the market at affordable prices. Through our passion for the industry and our desire to be a leading manufacturer we have been able to deliver the highest quality products that meet or exceed all industry standards and specifications. When you buy General Bullet products, you can be confident that you are buying the best. Our products have been thoroughly tested and deliver high-performing, accurate results every time. All products we sell are made in the U.S.A..

Environmentally Friendly
Our facilities are equipped with the latest most advanced “green” technology. Along with our lead-free bullets our efficient production standards generate no waste at all. We care as much about the environment as we do about the products we deliver to our customers.

Custom Orders
If you don’t see a product to meet your needs or would like to speak to a representative about a custom project, please contact us toll-free at 877-703-1314. We’d be happy to assist you. We have the engineering technology and manufacturing technology to produce custom products to your prints and specifications.

Law Enforcement and Military
General Bullet is a supplier to many local police forces as well as military outfits. Our highly accurate fail-proof ammunition makes our bullets the choice of many law enforcement and military officials. We take great pride in knowing that our products help protect our homes and our country.

If General Bullet products are good enough for law enforcement and military, aren’t they good enough for you?

Shop Online with Confidence
When we launched GeneralBullet.com our goal was to deliver our superior ammunition and firearms accessories to the whole industry. Our selection of available products is just the beginning of what we have to offer. Our store will be growing daily. Make us your one-stop store for all your hunting and sport shooting needs. Create an account with us. Your information is safe and secure and will not be sold or shared...ever!