What Sets General Bullet Apart From Other Solid Copper Hollow Point Bullets Manufacturers?
General Bullet's manufacturing process is like no other in the industry today. Our engineers have designed a proprietary process that not only utilizes a lead free manufacturing practice, but also generates little to no material waste, while delivering a superior performing bullet to the market. Being lead free and generating little waste is also better for our environment.

What Does This Mean to You?
Superior product and savings! Because our process is so efficient and like no other in the industry we can pass the savings on to you. High quality product at affordable prices is what every American wants, that's what General Bullet delivers to you on all of our product lines.

Why Use a Solid Copper Bullet?
Here are just a few of the reasons, there is no worry of bullet failure due to jacket separation even at the highest velocities. They help maintain a lead free practice facility and meet any other “lead free” requirements. They maintain their original weight even through harder targets such as car doors, windshields and plywood while still tracking strait. The photo on the left shows our 95Gr. 9mm S.C.H.P. after testing, retained 100% of their original weight and exhibited devastating expansion! Making them an excellent choice for law enforcement as well as personal defense! Our larger caliber solid copper hollow point bullets are an excellent choice for the handgun hunter as well!

To test the potential of all our solid copper handgun bullets we use standard F.B.I protocol, ten feet from muzzle to gelatin block. We also tested on various barriers including quilted denim and leather jackets to simulate winter dress. We tested on harder (intermediate) targets such as car doors, windshields and plywood as well. The General Bullet solid copper hollow point maintains its weight and tracks straight while defeating even “intermediate” targets!

The photo above is a cross section view of our ballistic gel showing the point of entry and the point of maximum expansion. Expansion occurred within 1/4" of entry.


The General Bullet solid copper hollow point is an excellent candidate for law enforcement as well as personal protection with the ability to defeat both soft and intermediate targets. Larger calibers of this design offer outstanding performance for handgun hunters and sportsman alike. Be sure to ask about our solid metal rifle bullets as well, they are the ultimate in rifle rounds!